Adding a feed

You can add feeds and keywords in the profile editor (shown below). To open the profile editor, simply go to the sidebar and click on the pencil icon next to one of the profiles. Or click on the plus icon to create a new profile.

In the profile editor you can change or enter new feeds. Here you can enter any Feed URL and press the Add button. Once a feed has been added, the sidebar will include the feed in its next refresh of items. The sidebar will then take up to the latest 15 items of each feed.

Next to regular feeds, you can also add Google News feeds, Twitter feeds and Youtube, using the Network button. See the corresponding pages in the menu for more information.

Keywords are to filter items that come from a regular feed. If at least one of the keywords match, the item is included. If no keywords are enabled, all items will be included. You can assign keywords for each individual feed by adding them and checking the check box next to them.

When adding a keyword, it will automatically be checked for the selected feed. To use the same keyword in other feeds, simply select the feed and then check the check box next to the filter.

To disable a keyword, simply uncheck the check box next to the keyword. When deleting a keyword, it will be removed from all feeds.