Using the sidebar

The sidebar (#3 of the visual overview) is meant to help you quickly find recent and relevant media . When the sidebar is closed, use the toggle button (#1 of the visual overview) to open the sidebar.

To set up the sidebar you need to create one or more profiles in which you can specify which subjects (keywords) and which type of media (feed type) are interesting for you.

To create and configure a new profile press the plus icon, located on the top of the sidebar.
To (re)configure an existing profile, press the pencil icon to the right of the profile name.
To delete a profile, press the cross icon to the right of the profile name.

This manual has specific pages on each feed type. Currently, the following feed types are available:
Once a profile is configured, its name is listed. To the left of the profile name there is a little triangle allowing you to expand the profile and see the all relevant media that is found. To the right of the profile name you see the number of unopened media related to that profile.

When a profile is expanded, the titles of the found media are displayed. The number of titles shown will normally be up to 30 per feed, depending on what the feed offers. To the right of each media there are two icons: a star and a cross. Bold indicates an unopened media. The publication date of the media can be shown in an optional column. The column can be shown/hidden with the column selection icon, located on the top right of the side bar.

Normally, when media no longer exists in the feed, it will be removed from the list. However, using the star icon, you can prevent the media being removed. With cross icon you can remove the media without having to wait until it no longer shows in the feed..