Using publish article

NewsAssist can publish your articles directly in most third-party blog systems. NewsAssist currently supports WordPress and MetaWeblog compatible xml-rpc based systems.

When using either Publish buttons (shown below) for the first time, you will be prompted to enter the credentials to your own CMS.

Please remember to first enable the xml-rpc functionality of your blog system first.

Once your blog has been configured in NewsAssist, using the Publish buttons will show you the Publish popup (shown below).

In this popup you can select the category where you want to publish to and you may optionally check the draft check box if you don't want to publish article publicly yet.

If your blog system supports it, you can also schedule the publication. Your blog will then see to it that your article is published at the scheduled time, without needing to have NewsAssist running at that time.

After clicking on the Publish Selected Article button, your article will be sent to your blog system and the Social Media Push popup appears.