What is NewsAssist?

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NewsAssist is a plugin for powerbloggers and newseditors. NewsAssist is available for Firefox and for Chrome. NewsAssist provides all necessities for:

  • Searching 
Search, preview and store relevant content. You can add RSS-feeds, Google News Search, Twitter profiles and hashtags and Youtube Media Search. Feeds can be stored, will automatically be updated and you can filter the output on keywords that are relevant to your subject(s).
  • Editing
While browsing through your search-results you can select text and images in the browser-panel and drag or copy/paste it directly in the wysiwyg-editor. Then edit your articles and enrich them with ytour own text, links, quotes, images and videos in the full-featured wysiwyg-editor.
  • Publishing
Automatically publish your article to your websites. NewsAssist supports most major CMS' such as WordPress, Joomla and vBulletin. If your CMS supports it, you can even plan the publish time and set the category under which to publish.
  • Social media distribution
Push a link and summary of your article to social networks with just a few mouse clicks. Sharing your articles was never that easy! For the moment we have added Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, if requested we can and will extend the list with other networks.

The NewsAssist add-on is a powerful tool and a great working environment that is fully integrated with your browser. It is aimed to improve the workflow and to increase the productivity of bloggers and website-editors without having to leave their browser.

If you have questions, feedback, bugs or feature-requests please feel free to contact us by mail for support. For contact with the NewsAssist team, please mail us at info@newsassist.org.